31. The Effects of Maturity

I’ve gotten to the point where I just don’t write on my blog anymore unless a friend keeps bugging me about it, eager to read what else I have to say. So, after my best friend’s persistent reminding, here’s another post, albeit a reluctant one. Perhaps it also helps that she has a Master’s in…… Continue reading 31. The Effects of Maturity

30. Getting Out of My Depression Slump

Forcing myself to type something up because my consistent blog posting streak died. Blame it on the unexpected ups and downs (more downs than ups) of human life, which tend to activate and encourage depression. Depression = no energy or motivation to carry out even the most basic daily tasks. Think laundry, showering, brushing teeth,…… Continue reading 30. Getting Out of My Depression Slump

29. Advice From Successful Women

Today I attended a presentation at work given by three very successful women with the titles of either Principal or Executive Director. Women leaders – successful in their careers, married, with young children (average age of about 9). The presentation was on each of these women’s path to success, and my main takeaway can be…… Continue reading 29. Advice From Successful Women

28. Figuring Out What I’m Good At To Make A Living

Transitioning into working adult life is not easy, to say the least. Not until I got to this stage did the question “What am I doing with my life?” come up in me as a regular occurrence. I graduated from a prestigious university with a Math/Economics degree, took a three year Bible-school detour, and then…… Continue reading 28. Figuring Out What I’m Good At To Make A Living